Upper Respiratory Pathogen Testing


Discover how Genesis Molecular Diagnostics provides thorough upper respiratory pathogen testing.

Maintaining good health is a concern that is shared by everyone, and physicians around the world spend their careers making sure that their patients can do so.

  • In the pursuit of this goal, it is of critical importance that physicians have access to a wide range of diagnostic tools
  • These tools can make the difference between negative and positive patient outcomes



This is where Genesis Molecular Diagnostics comes into the picture. Genesis Molecular Diagnostics brings a wide range of molecular diagnostic services to bear on behalf of labs, health care facilities, and physicians located around the globe. This capability includes the Upper Respiratory Pathogen testing regimen that makes use of Multiplex PCR methodology in order to deliver rapid and accurate results on demand.

The Respiratory Panel Testing Method

As most physicians already know, upper respiratory pathogens that include various types of bacteria and viruses are the cause of a large number of ailments that can include pneumonia, colds, and the flu. While these common ailments are often overcome by healthy people, certain segments of the population, such as the elderly and children, are at risk of these ailments.

Not only that, but many upper respiratory pathogens may strike their victims simultaneously, making diagnosis, treatment, and recovery that much harder. This makes diagnosing these diseases in a timely manner an important consideration, and the Genesis Molecular Diagnostics Multiplex PCR testing panel fully fits the bill in this regard.


Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing for upper respiratory pathogens is a powerful diagnostic technique. Multiplex PCR testing makes it possible for our experts to first amplify, and then make multiple copies of specified sequences of DNA. This DNA can come from almost any biological source, including organisms like bacteria and viruses. The Multiplex PCR testing regimen is also capable of processing multiple genetic targets all at the same time. For example, PCA can allow for laboratory professionals to test for the presence of genetic material from many different pathogens with the same test.

Not only does this drastically reduce the processing times for diagnostic tests, it also allows physicians to discover the presence of dangerous co-morbid infections that often affect up to 30 percent of patients, and can result in negative patient outcomes. This also allows health care professionals to precisely target their treatment campaigns at the correct pathogens, promoting more rapid patient recovery and sparing these patients from the dangers of inaccurate and ineffective prescriptions.

Benefits of This Testing Method

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the Multiplex PCA testing method provides the following advantages.

  • Highly accurate. Provides 99 percent testing specificity and 95 percent testing sensitivity.
  • Relatively Comprehensive. Provides the ability to simultaneously identify up to 17 viral varieties and 3 bacterial varieties.
  • Rapid Response Times. Under most circumstances, test results are available online only one hour after the sample is received.

Genesis Molecular Diagnostics’ Multiplex PCR testing capability has a proven record of giving physicians and health care facilities a critical edge in the diagnosis of potentially dangerous health conditions. Individual physicians and health care institutions that are interested in having this capability at their disposal are invited to contact the experts at Genesis today.