Our commitment to responsible and ethical healthcare is a top priority.

Genesis Molecular Diagnostics continues to frame its organization by providing quality results. We take pride in everything we do and promote greatness throughout our company. It is vital everyone, including employees, vendors and customers to contact us if there is any issue with services or the organization. All questions or concerns can be sent through our contact form and will be handled confidentially with professionalism.




Genesis Molecular Diagnostics believes the treatment and care for patients is the most important. We maintain a productive relationship between our company and health professionals to build trust, reliability and respect. Our laboratory abides by all regulated laws and requirements and advocate the highest level of professionalism and honesty. Our primary commitment is to provide accurate, extensive, rapid and easy to read results to healthcare professionals.

We will never provide a service that would put anyone at risk. We comply with ethical business practices to help improve the way healthcare professionals treat patients. Our laboratory follows all state and federal requirements and regulations.